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Newborn Sessions

Most newborn sessions take place within the first 14 days of life (preferably between 6-10 days).  Why?  Because when newborns are near their 3rd week of life, baby acne and/or colic can start to appear, they tend to sleep less and are more alert and they start to lose the classic newborn curl. I strongly urge all my newborn parents to let me know as SOON as baby is on the way or has been born. Most put me on their call list of friends and family to let me know that baby has arrived or that they’re on their way to the hospital to deliver…which is ohhh so exciting!

I generally recommend that newborns are photographed at your home – easier on them – easier on you!!

Prepare for a 3 hour session for newborns. This allows time for feeding and comforting.

Newborns and babies photograph best in their own skin…although, I LOVE to accessorize with hats, jewelry, tutus, etc. during a portion of the session.

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How long will my session be?

Usually between 1 to 2 hours.

Where will the session take place?

Anywhere you want! Your home, a local park or garden – you make the call.


Here’s my suggestion… Bring one light solid top and one dark solid top and a pair of jeans. That way, we’ve got the bases covered – we can be creative! If your daughter likes to dress up in her pink tutu with Daddy’s work boots, bring them! Is your son a crazy hat guy? Let’s capture it! I recommend avoiding logo shirts and busy patterns – bring a few changes and let’s have fun!

Shoes, hair and accessories?

My motto – “simple is best!”  Bare feet are always in style! Jewelry, bows and doodads should be kept at a minimum for a more timeless feel.  In my opinion “natural’ hair (how they wear it every day) looks great!  (Of course, if your little man normally runs around in a starched shirt and bow-tie with his hair parted on the side and all slicked down– well then, by all means – let’s capture that!)

Anything else?

Well rested children with happy tummies make the best models!

A favorite blanky or stuffed animal – bring it! Tattered blankies and such make for great photos that you can break out once your kid reaches those teenage years…because you WILL feel the need to embarrass them at some point. Plus, there will come a time in their life, years later, when those same photographs will be very dear to their heart.

Other things you might bring: a favorite toy, a small bunch of fresh cut flowers, a dance costume or sports uniform and the accompanying accessories – just whatever your child loves?

Chapstick works well for smoothing dry lips –

And oh... I hate to even mention it…but…kids look best with clean faces and…, um…clean noses.