About Me

about_april_britt_photographyHmmm… I am kind-hearted, honest, way too sentimental, peace-loving, sincere and eclectic. I love nature, comedy, flea markets, frogs and...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photography! The only thing I love more is my family. I feel so very fortunate to be a mom-and even more so to be a mom who is a photographer. I’m sure my children wish, at times, that their mom wasn’t a photographer - or, at least, that I not photograph them as much. But, my hope is, when I am no longer around, their photographs will serve as love stories to them and that they will know how much they are cherished and be reminded of their great worth.

My favorite captures are candid shots but I don't mind a bit of "striking the pose".

I’m always in awe when I photograph a mommy-to-be. All pregnant women are simply BEAUTIFUL!

If you asked me whose images I most enjoy capturing, it would be a tossup. But if I absolutely had to choose, it would probably be newborns. They are oh…so sweet! They’re like the yummiest photographer eye candy. But, to me, all children are yummy photographer eye candy…plus, they’re sooo much fun!

When I capture a moment in time, I don’t see it as simply a record of what the person looked like that day. Instead, I see it as an unfolding story. I see the beauty and personality of each individual and I strive to capture their essence in order to tell their story. It thrills me to help people tell their story through the art of photography.