Your Story As Art

How will you share the joy?

That glow, that only pregnant women possess, is truly a grand experience in the eyes of the beholder. We witness their emotions and wonderment, yet there is an aura of serenity and enlightenment that shows through. Pregnancy is such a powerful miracle…and a magical experience. After all, a brand new, teeny tiny soul is about to be born.

Love at first sight…

That’s the feeling we get with our first glance at a newborn. The enchanting innocence and breathtaking wonder are just too much for us to handle. They are so sweet, so cuddly, so adorably precious…they steal our heart away.

Children, in general, are wondrous creations and are capable of making an ordinary day - extraordinary. They have the ability to make us laugh until we cry and laugh when we feel like crying. Put simply, children make our heart happy.

How will you preserve your memories?

Most people love photographs…especially photos of newborns and children. Photographs capture moments in time that could easily be forgotten as the years pass. You believe, at that time, that you will “never forget this”, because it’s one of the most important times of your life, or it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Sadly, we tend to forget. It’s not the moment as a whole that gets lost, it’s the details and feelings from that moment.

The Solution…

Photographs! Photos tell a story, and in doing so, they keep the story alive. They become treasures for future generations. It is my honor to help you capture your memories and tell your story.

I specialize in portraiture for mommy-to-be, newborns and children throughout the upstate of South Carolina.